When you’re buying a used car, the test drive is one of the most important deciding factors. While you’re looking to see if you like how it feels and handles, you also need to be aware of any potential warning signs. Keep this list in mind as you make your way to your local used car dealership in Seattle, Washington: I-5 Motors.

Things to Look for While Test Driving a Used Car


When the sales rep pulls the car around for you to test drive, take a minute to inspect the exterior. Look for any dents, dings, rust, and paint issues. Minor imperfections are normal, but anything large could indicate the car was involved in a collision.

Test all the lights to see if they’re working. Replacing a bulb is generally an easy fix, but it’s nice to be aware of any expected repairs nonetheless. Check underneath the car for any leaks or things hanging down that shouldn’t be.

And finally, open up all the doors and the trunk to make sure everything feels smooth.


Once you get inside, you’ll want to make sure all the electronics and any special features are working properly. Test the heat and the air conditioning, so there’ll be no surprises later on.

Some other things to check include any cameras, power windows, power seats, gauges, and all infotainment systems. Is the radio working? If the car comes with Bluetooth or a built-in navigation system, are they working? Be thorough and take as much time as you need.


As you put the car in drive and take off down the road, there are some key things to be aware of. Pay attention to the sounds the vehicle is making and any strong smells. See how the car accelerates, brakes, and turns. If you can, drive over some bumps in the road to listen for rattling sounds.

Also, be aware of the steering wheel. If you let go, does the car seem to pull to one side or the other? If you do notice something wrong during the test drive, just make sure it’s something you’re prepared to fix. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to test drive some other options.

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