A regular car maintenance schedule which includes consistent oil changes is vital to ensure your car runs at peak performance as long as possible. Even with regular maintenance, there are still several signs you need to pay attention to that indicate your car is in desperate need of an oil change. Here are three signs you shouldn’t ignore. 

3 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

The Engine Makes Loud Rattling or Knocking Sounds

Oil is the lubricant that keeps the constant metal-to-metal contact from causing unnecessary friction and therefore irreparable damage to the engine. If oil levels are low or if the oil becomes dirty, then the protective layer becomes ineffective and an audible grinding sound can be heard. While the sound will go away once more oil is replaced, the damage cannot be corrected. If left unattended, the engine could permanently seize and need to be replaced. 

The Check Engine or Check Oil Light Turns On

While this sign may seem to be the most obvious, it is not uncommon to assume the car will be fine until the next regular car inspection occurs to address the indicator light. However, if the oil level is so low that the check oil indicator ignites, it is vital that you pull over immediately to check the oil levels before the engine experiences further damage. 

Oil Appears Dirty or Thick

Oil is a transparent amber color that pours easily from the jug into the engine. Over time, the oil will pick-up dirt and grime as it moves through the engine and will become dark and thick. Changing the oil removes the dirt and grime from the engine to keep it running at peak performance. A monthly dip-stick test will help you monitor oil levels and color to ensure your engine is running smoothly.

When In Doubt, Contact I-5 Motors

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