A new year means more than just a new you. It’s also a time to turn over a new leaf with your vehicle. 


Below are some new year’s resolutions to make for your car in 2020 to have a better, safer, and more efficient year behind the wheel. 

Make It a Year to Remember for Your Car 

Commit to doing the following things for your car in the new year. 

Keep up with fluid changes.

This is a small thing that can go a long way toward preserving the life of your vehicle. Stay on top of changing or topping off your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and engine coolant and you’ll extend the life of your car and reduce your chance of needing a major repair. 

Keep tires properly inflated and rotate them.

Not rotating your tires when you should or allowing them to become under-inflated can shorten their life and create an unsafe driving condition. 

Drive smarter. 

So much of your car’s health is dependent upon how you drive it. On cold mornings, allow the engine to warm up before taking off. Accelerate, brake, and turn gently. And avoid tailgating and its vicious brake-and-gas pattern. 

Keep your car clean. 

Giving your car a good scrub followed by a coat of wax helps protect it from rust and corrosion and preserves its integrity and value.

Get regular tuneups.

Bringing in your car for regular checkups can help catch minor problems before they turn costly. You’ll save money on gas and repairs while driving a safer vehicle. 

Listen to your car.   

If a dashboard warning light is on or your car is making a funny noise or acting in a certain way, don’t ignore it. Listen to your car’s cry for help and take it in for a service checkup. 

Start the New Year at I-5 Motors

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