With so many cars to choose from, how do you select just one? The way a car is designed communicates so much more than just aesthetic appeal. Size, convenience factors, versatility, power, and durability will dictate how the car is used and whether it is the right fit for your lifestyle. Continue reading to learn how to select the perfect car.

Choose a Car That Fits Your Lifestyle

The Family Lifestyle

If you have a growing family, you need a car that can adapt to every new situation as quickly and easily as you do. Look for a car that offers flexible seating with split-folding seats which can collapse completely to the ground when not in use so you can store soccer equipment, groceries, and other items. 


Look for upholstery that can take the daily beating of kids crawling in and out of the car with dirty shoes and spilled snacks. Automatic doors or an automatic liftgate could very easily be the deciding factor for a busy mom. 

A Life of Luxury

If you are looking for a luxury car that offers first-class comfort on your daily commute into the city, then look for features such as heated and ventilated leather seating. A panoramic moonroof can provide a beautiful view of what lies ahead and will be a welcome source of warm sunlight as you sip your morning coffee. Wireless phone chargers can remove unnecessary clutter from the console area. 


Features like adaptive steering, suspension, and wheelbase can go a long way to providing maximum comfort and responsiveness as you drive. Opt for a sound system that will play your favorite media and playlists with superior sound quality.

A Life of Adventure

If your goal at the end of a busy week is to escape to the great outdoors, then you’re looking for features that will equip your car to handle any adventure that comes your way. Opt for an engine that offers more torque and horsepower and can be paired with an all-wheel drive system to handle harsh weather and difficult terrain. 


Choosing a car with a higher clearance will allow you to leave the pavement and head offroad. Features like Hill Assist and Hill Descent control can help you with a trip to the mountains so you can maintain a safe and controlled speed on any incline. 

Explore a Variety of Cars in Seattle, WA

These are just a few of the factors that can help you find the right car. For more guidance, contact our sales team. We have an impressive inventory of used cars for sale and post used car specials regularly. Drop by our dealership to learn more.